When Virtual Meets Reality!!

Augmented Reality is the flavour of the day. Even Apple has announced its ARKit that allows developers to create apps. But AR in the mobile space is not new. If you have a smartphone you can already download educational content, multimedia entertainment and even 3D scanners.

Quiver Vision is a website-app combination that takes printed colouring page and turns them into interactive presentations. It creates a 3D render of the page. Say, if your child coloured a volcano. The app will load a virtual volcano that smokes, rumbles and finally erupts when you tap on the screen.
At present, there are over 18 free colouring packs comprising over 50 pages on the QV website, along with many more paid options.

ANATOMY 4D| Android
This educational app helps students understand human body with the help of AR. It includes a "Target Library" with two images- one of the entire body and the other of the heart.
With Anatomy 4D, you can observe organ system individually. For the instance, you can focus just on the skeletal, muscular and respiratory systems, switch between a male and female body and even zoom to study each part in detail.
The heart module lets you zoom into the auricles, ventricles, arteries and veins.

Jigspace is home to interactive AR modules- known as Jiggs- in subjects such as History, Science, Machines and space. It even has a section on How-Tos.
At present, the app comprises over 40 jigs, including tutorials on how to reverse parallel park, the myriad rooms of Jupiter, the internal working a mechanical alarm clock and how the human ears perceive sound.

STAR WALK  2| Android, iOS
Star Walk 2 is an excellent astronomy guide for amateurs and hobbyists. It lets you identify stars and constellations, even on the cloudy night.  All you need is a handset with a compass and gyroscope. Simply point your device at the sky and Star Walk 2, with help of your GPS coordinates, will tell you exactly what star, planet or constellation you are looking at. As you move the phone's camera slowly across the sky, the app displays all the stars in that region and build constellation shape on the fly.

HOLO| Android, iOS
This is a fun augmented-reality app that lets you add an animation right into the snapshots you click and even into the live videos you record. It includes characters like Spiderman, a dancing dog, a circus tiger, winking mermaid, WWE Superstars, dancers, models, famous personalities, YouTube stars and more. Holo adds new characters every week so you'll always have something new to work with in your AR production.

INGRESS| Android, iOS
Almost everyone has heard of Pokemon Go, where players have to move around the physical world to capture those creatures. Ingress takes this geolocation concept further. It uses your geolocation to plot out the map, using your real surroundings, and you'll need to actually walk to those places to complete the in-game tasks.
This game is very detailed and it is recommended that you check out the field-guide kit for details on how to play. As you complete tasks, the game your access level and abilities.


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