5#techNews-Black Friday Sale, Google Play Games,Amazon Chromecast App

Welcome to the 5th episode of Tech News. Here are some latest updates regarding Facebook, Google, Xiaomi, Nokia and much more. Have a look...

1) Facebook Stories Messenger

The two formats, i.e., Stories and Messenger which existed separately until now are going to merge soon as announced on the Facebook. This means whenever you post a Story on Facebook it will automatically show in Messenger as well and vice-versa.

2) Amazon Music App

Amazon recently added Google Chromecast support in its Music App that means you'll now be able to play Amazon Music tracks through your Chromecast enabled devices using your Android phone.

3) Justice League in Android Pay

Now, whenever you make any purchase with Android Pay, the Justice League movie characters will pop up on your screen. Google has teamed up with the creators of new Justice League movie and is bringing five superheroes to the app: the Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman and Flash. So get your seatbelts tied as it will be coming in next few days and ends on 31st December.

4) Google Play Games

Google recently updated version 5.3 of its Google Play Games app introducing an all-new UI feature and some pre-loaded mini-games. The landing page now featuring a rotating list of titles rather than the up-and-down list as seen in the previous version 5.2 (seen above left) and version 5.3 (seen on the right).

5) Google Assistant

Several months ago, the popular Plex media server added support for controlling it with your voice via Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant. Today, the Android version of Plex started rolling out an update, and it includes support for using another digital companion, Google Assistant if you use an Android TV device. Basically, you can now use your voice to search and launch for videos and TV shows with Google Assistant on Android TV-based televisions, along with set-top boxes like the NVIDIA Shield TV.

6) Black Friday

The biggest shopping event of the year is just a few days away. Save big on phones, smartwatches and more at best buy.
This year, Black Friday fall on November 24. You got to take advantage of crashing prices and unbelievable discounts on just that one day, but things have changed a lot over the years. Now, not only have retailers extended the shopping period to cover at least the following Monday, but some stores have great offers available even now. 

Echo Show
Fire Stick Echo Combo

The best part is that a mad dash into a store at 5 AM is no longer necessary either, and you can make your next big purchase from the comfort of your own home. 


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