Cryptojacking?-Mining Cryptocurrency

Hello Friends! Does your computer fan rotates very fast or your mobile phone becomes warm whenever you browse the Internet? Then, you may be a victim of Cryptojacking.

So here you will learn about it and what precautions can you take!


Cryptojacking is the latest concept used by hackers through which they can mine cryptocurrency by using users system’s power and for this, they even don’t need to attack users system or send any malware. This is simply done by a JavaScript which runs in users background whenever they visit any malicious website such as ThePirateBay.
Whenever users visit The Pirate Bay, the CPU usage used to increase abruptly as their CPU was taken for some other work. Later, The Pirate Bay confirmed that they were testing, as they wanted there website to be Ad free so that users get a clean layout and that’s why they were using systems power.
Somehow it is benefit for us as we’ll get Ad-free websites but on the other hand, it is also utilizing the system's power resulting in a frequent decrease of battery power and hence, increasing electricity cost.

Here, using simple CPU power, cryptocoin such as MONERO can be mined.


Whenever you visit any malicious website such The Pirate Bay, always turn off the JavaScript in settings of your browser. You can also install an extension No Coin from Chrome Store, link is given below-

You can also visit such websites using Tor browser.


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