Google's 1.3 Lakh Scholarship for Developers and Students

Google India has collaborated with Pluralsight and Udacity to help train 1.3 lakh developers and students across India and providing them with some knowledge regarding Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Mobile and Web Development, AR/VR and Cloud Computing. And, has also announced a 130K scholarship for the developers and students.
As statement released by Google India on Thursday reads, "Today, we are taking a big step forward by partnering with Pluralsight and Udacity for a new scholarship program that will help 130K developers and students across India to gain the skills they need to be successful in the changing technology landscape."
What's In It for Students & Developers
Google India is facilitating 100 Thousand (1 Lakh) Scholarships on Pluralsight and 30 Thousand Scholarships on Udacity for the meritorious candidates helping them gain advanced insight into fields like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Mobile and Web development, AR/VR and Cloud Platforms. From the 30K scholarships at Udacity, top candidates will be selected for 1K full Nano-degree scholarships too.  

How to Apply for Google India Scholarships
Interested candidates can read the complete Google India Blog post here:

Apply online at the below URL:


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