e-SIM Cards-Future of SIM Cards!!

Recently, Samsung and Apple brought a revolution in the field of telecom by introducing e-SIM in Gear S2 Classic 3G and Apple Watch Series 3 respectively.

The e-SIM gives us an improved and more secure customer experience, better-designed devices, opens up new market opportunities for operators and enables entire new categories of connected devices. Let’s explore this another family member in a little more detail.

What is an e-SIM?

The “e” stands for “Embedded” and it means that the SIM card is already built into the device. The e-SIM is a programmable SIM card for network devices. They can be connected, managed and even controlled remotely. It has Machine to Machine and Remote Provisioning capabilities. It provides us with an enhanced customer experience when activating and managing our phones. Which operator we want and what plan, we can select through our phones settings.

At this years Mobile World Congress, in the GSMA Seminar, Thomas Henze, Program Director eSIM, Product Innovation, Deutsche Telekom demonstrated activating his phone via scanning a code that in his demonstration was part of a physical letter from an operator. In another demo, a scenario was played out where via a Universal Activation Code, again used by scanning, we could activate as many phones as we wanted.

So, it will now be easier for us to switch on any network we want, instantly and no need to wrap it up in any sort of paper to keep it safe. It will also reduce the size of the device. If our phone is lost, then by logging in another device we can operate that same SIM in that device. No need to remember the mobile number, just log in or scan the barcode and that’s it.


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