4#TechNews-MTech Phone, Stellar Zombie,Winter iPhone X, Beyerdynamic DT240 HP

1) M-Tech Rs 899 Phone

A domestic mobile manufacturer M-Tech has recently launched M-Tech G24 which comes with a front-facing camera to let you capture selfies. Resembling NOKIA 3310, durable plastic body, it comes with large oval shaped keys that let you type and text comfortably. It comes with a 1.8-inch QVGA display and comes with a VGA camera at the rear as well. The phone supports five languages including English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu and Bengali. The device supports microSD cards up to 16GB in size. The feature phone comes with a Mp3 player, a Mp4 player and wireless FM radio for entertainment. You can record both audio and video on the handset. There’s an auto call recording feature on board as well. Just like most feature phones, the G24 also comes with a torch LED flashlight. The handset is fuelled by a 1,000mAh battery, which is capable of delivering seven hours of talk time and 300 hours of standby time. In terms of connectivity, it offers dual-SIM slots and Bluetooth.

2) Stellar Zombie

The appearance of a years-long supernova explosion challenges scientist's current understanding of star formation and death, and work is underway to explain the bizarre phenomenon.Stars more than eight times the mass of the sun end their lives in fantastic explosions called supernovas. These are among the most energetic phenomena in the universe. The brightness of a single dying star can briefly rival that of an entire galaxy. Supernovas that form from supermassive stars typically rise quickly to a peak brightness and then fade over the course of around 100 days as the shock wave loses energy.

3) LG Air Purifiers

Keeping in mind the rising concern over deteriorating air quality which is a result of growing air pollution in our country, LG Electronics has announced the launch of its Air Purifiers range- LG PuriCare. The company has introduced three models in the series - LG PuriCare AS40GWWKO, LG PuriCare AS60GDWTO, LG PuriCare AS95GDWTO. The devices will be available across leading online and offline stores in the country.

4) Samsung Exynos 9810 SoC Launched

Samsung has announced a new flagship mobile processor in the Exynos 9 series, built on the 10nm FinFET process technology. As is traditional with such unveils, it can be expected that the new Exynos 9 Series 9810 SoC will be the processor powering the company's next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S9.

5) Infinix Zero 5 Launched

Transsion Holdings brand Infinix which made its entry into the Indian market in August this year with the launch of its Note 4 and Hot 4 Pro handsets, is all set to launch a new flagship smartphone on Tuesday, November 14 called the Infinix Zero 5. The smartphone will be launched at an event in Dubai but will make its way into India. It will support an 'edge-to-edge' display, a dual camera system and would be priced below Rs. 20,000. It would bear 6GB of RAM and come with 128GB of inbuilt storage.

6) Robot Cracks Captcha

Within few minutes, an AI machine cracked those jumbled letters called captcha that is used to distinguish human web users from spam spreading robots. The smart machine built by Vicarious, on the other hand, can be trained in a matter of minutes using just a few hundred example characters, the researchers said. It works with multiple different styles of captcha and can also be repurposed to identify handwritten digits, recognize text in photos of real-world scenarios and detect non-text objects in images.

7) Bosch KitCat Hackathon 2017

German multinational engineering and electronics organization Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions launched the Bosch KitCat Hackathon, 2017 in Bangalore hackathon to explore new and novel ways of training algorithms for maximum accuracy and robustness for various use cases.

8)Beyerdynamic DT 240 Headphones

The audio product manufacturer Beyerdynamic has launched a professional monitor headphones DT 240 in India. It comes in matte black colour option and costs Rs 7500. The Beyerdynamic DT 240 is specially designed for filmmakers, musicians and podcasters. It offers deep bass, lively mids and defined highs. The headphones work on the same studio mixers as on the laptop because of its low-ohm acoustic transducers (34 ohms). They come with the frequency response of 5Hz to 35,000 Hz, 32 ohms impedance, its SPL ranges from 99dB to 119dB.The device features a compact over-ear design and comes with detachable coiled cable and replaceable ear pads.

9) Apple iPad 2018

Apple is working on a 2018 iPad Pro that’ll take the edge-to-edge display and Face ID sensor from the iPhone X and put them into tablet form.In order to get the TrueDepth camera that Face ID needs into the iPhone X, Apple carved out a notch at the top of the new iPhone’s screen. Although testing shows that it’s not as intrusive as it might seem, it’s still not an ideal design. On an iPad that’s primarily designed to watch movies, it would be far more of a problem.

10) Winter Is Coming: iPhone X

iPhone X screen might freeze in winter, but Apple is fixing it. So far, the only iPhone X problems that we are aware of potential OLED burn-in, which Apple has already warned users about, and now screen issues when the phone is used in cold weather. One user just discovered that the screen can become unresponsive in cold weather, but Apple was quick to respond and say that it’ll fix the issue via a software update.Apple also has temperature guidelines for iOS devices on its support pages, that’s 0º and 35º C (32º to 95º F).


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