3#TechNews-OnePlus 5T, JBL Speakers, Xiaomi Shaver, Billion Phone, Artificial Skin

1) Lab-Grown Skin

A boy who nearly died from a rare skin disease has recovered thanks to an experimental treatment, his doctors announced this week. The treatment? Giving their young patient new skin using genetically modified stem cells.Doctors took a small square of healthy skin from a non-blistering part of Hassan's body, and De Luca's lab in Italy used that skin to create the genetically corrected stem cells that they could grow into sheets of skin for grafting. Those sheets, which looked like clear plastic, were successfully transplanted over 80 percent of Hassan’s body during several surgeries at Ruhr University in Bochum in October and November 2015. After a month, most of the transplanted skin had started to regenerate.

2)Xiaomi Shaver

Xiaomi has added yet another product to its MIJIA lineup. The product is the MIJIA Portable Electric Shaver whose upper body is made of aluminium anodization technology. The body shell is made of anodized aluminium sandblasted. The thickness is just 13.2mm and the device weighs about 100g, making it easy to fit into the pocket or bag. The blade is made from advanced steel imported from Japan and is of the same quality as that used on Samurai swords. 

3) OnePlus 5T Wireless

OnePlus 5T won't support wireless charging, the price is said to be identical to OnePlus 5.In spite of the uniformity in the price, the OnePlus 5T is expected to have some major upgrades over the OnePlus 5. The new smartphone has already been confirmed with an enhanced camera experience and tipped with a bezel-less display. A fresh leak showcases a back-facing fingerprint sensor on the OnePlus 5T -- hinting the entire front panel covered by the screen that would have 18:9 aspect ratio.

4) Flipkart Billion Phone

Flipkart is launching its own smartphone under the brand Billion, called Billion Capture+. The smartphone is scheduled to go on sale starting November 15, naturally exclusively on Flipkart. It will be having a Full HD Display. It may support a metal body. 

5) Unity

Unity Technologies, creator of a popular creation engine that reaches nearly three billion devices worldwide, on Thursday said India is now ranked third in global gaming installs, surpassing Brazil and Russia. This is due to a spike in India's adoption of high-end mobile devices with larger RAM size. In one year, mobile device count with 1GB RAM has grown from 31.6 million to 100 million in October 2017, it said.

6) JBL Speakers Discount

Harman has announced a three-day sale on JBL products where interested consumers can get up to 70 percent discount. The sale kicked off on Wednesday and will end on Friday.Some of the products available on discount include JBL Flip 3 wireless portable speaker which is retailing at Rs. 5,990 with a 40 percent discount from original price of Rs. 9,990. The JBL Cinema SB150 wireless soundbar is currently available at Rs. 11,990 with a discount of 52 percent from original price of Rs. 24,990. The JBL Charge 2+ wireless portable speaker available at Rs. 8,999 down from original price of Rs. 14,999 with a 40 percent discount. The JBL C100SI in-ear headphones available at Rs. 699 down from original price of Rs. 1,299 with 46 percent discount. The JBL Flip II Black Edition available at Rs. 3,990 with a 50 percent discount.

7) Google Chrome

In order to improve the browsing experience and to restrict third-party interventions, Google is upgrading Chrome with the ability to block website redirects. The latest development will become available as a part of Chrome 64, which is currently available in the Canary and Dev channels and will be available to the masses sometime in early 2018.  

8) Self-driving Shuttle Collision

A self-driving shuttle test in Las Vegas streets resulted in a minor bang-up with a delivery truck on Wednesday, with city officials blaming the human. The driver of the truck was issued a traffic citation, Las Vegas officials said in an online post about what they called a minor collision.


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