Some Funny Projects Based On Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer over which various models can be made. Here is listed some of the funny and interesting projects which one can use in their day-to-day life.Most of the projects listed are linked with which provides step by step instructions on how to execute any project.

1) Whatsapp
All of you must be familiar with Whatsapp. Firstly, you all need the latest version of Raspbian, then by using few lines of code from Yowsup python library you'll have to access Whatsapp client.

2) Personal Assistant
If you have with yourself an odd Raspberry Pi and an intercom box, then you could have your own personal assistant or an illusion of it.

3) Minecraft
You can make a Minecraft server from Raspberry Pi so that you and your friends can play together from wherever they are in the world.

4) A Smile Detector
Apple has introduced Face ID in their iPhone X. Facebook and Google have been using it for a while now for their security purpose.Now its time to increase your security. Simply, using OpenCV and Python, you can create a face and smile detector with Raspberry Pi.

5) A Speaking Alarm Clock
How funny would it be if instead of your mother, some robot wakes you up in the morning.Built around Raspberry Pi Zero W, this robot will be a benefit for those who lives far away from their parents.


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