12#TechNews- Blue Pixel 2, Tesla Solar Roof, Volocopter, 1TB Pendrive, Security Bracelet

Hello friends, here I brought you some of the latest news related to technology, gadgets and offers.

1) Flipkart Apple Week

Flipkart has announced an "Apple Week" Sale till January 15 and is offering great discounts and cashbacks on various Apple devices. Cashback offer of upto Rs 8,000  on ICICI Bank credit cards for iPhone X and iPhone 8 and 8 plus. Some awesome cashbacks on MacBook, Apple Watch Series, iPhone 7 and SE and more.

2) Blue Pixel 2

Google has made available a Kinda Blue colour version of its Pixel 2 in unlocked form. So, Pixel lovers can grab it from the Google Store or Fi. It is only available with 64GB storage and it comes with a price of $649.

3) Google Payment

Google has announced that it is combining all its payment systems including Google Wallet and Android Pay under one name called Google Pay. As far as the users are concerned, nothing really has changed for them. Except that when paying for things with NFC or Google Wallet, instead of seeing Android pay logo users will now see the Google Pay logo. And, it may also be applied to UPI Payment App Tez.

4) Whatsapp Update

Whatsapp has rolled out its new feature for Android Beta testers or those having beta version of Whatsapp, where users can switch to video calls during a voice call easily. Whatsapp version 2.18.4 adds a new video call switch button that shows up during a voice call. So, if users want to switch to video call automatically even when they are on voice call, they can just simply click the button.

5) Tesla Solar Roof Tiles

With the start of 2018, Tesla has begun manufacturing its solar roof tiles at its Buffalo, New York factory. The company is also starting the process of surveying the homes of people who placed a deposit on the tiles last year for installation purposes. Tesla claims that the solar roof tiles will cost less than a typical roof, around $21.85 per square foot instead of $24.50.

6) Volocopter

Volocopter hops to have air taxis in the sky in five years. The e-volo VC200 Volocopter is a single-place experimental electric multirotor helicopter. 

7) Security Bracelet 

Invy has brought a bracelet for self defense. Its silver clasp holds a smelly secret that can stop an attacker in their tracks, nonviolently. To activate the bracelet, the wearer first unlocks a small safety clasp, then yanks hard on the leather strap. This will break a concealed canister containing the company's proprietary stink blend. One whiff of that stuff is enough to give most muggers second thoughts -- and you had enough time to make an escape or at least call for help.

8) 1TB Pendrive

Sandisk has revealed the world's smallest 1TB USB-C PenDrive. It has the same form-factor as other SanDisk Ultra Fit drives, which means it is just a tiny bit larger than the part that sticks into your USB port. It's a USB 3.1 Gen 1 drive with read speeds of up to 130MB/s. This model is priced at $149.99.

9) Galaxy A8+

Samsung has launched Galaxy A8+ smartphone on Wednesday noon at an event in New Delhi. It will be exclusively available via Amazon in India, and will offer features such as Infinity Display design, water- and dust-resistant body, and up to 6GB RAM. Price in India is Rs 32,990. 


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