High-Security Passwords|Bio-metric Passwords-Keystroke Analysis, Emotional ID, Gait Analysis, Vein Matching

You must be knowing about PIN, pattern, password, face ID, fingerprint and iris scanner, and of course, you must be using them also. But do you know that there are also some other authentications, that we use to take in some higher security zones?
Bio-metrics – identifying people through aspects their unique physical characteristics or behaviour – has found steady business for the last three decades. So, here are some of the more secure authentication mechanisms used for higher security purpose.

1) Palm Scanning:
In such type of authentications, your complete palm is scanned in which all the parameters such as your fingerprint, shape and size are checked after which authentication process is complete.

2) Brain Waves(Emotional ID):

Every individual has its own thought for a particular situation. Their behaviour is different from others. Therefore, in such authentications, the behaviour of an individual is recognized and it is matched with the original one.

3) Vein Matching:

Now, fingerprints can be replicated also so technically it is not much secured. But, since vein network is completely unique for a particular human body and also it cannot be replicated, hence it becomes your password. That's why your unique vein pattern in fingers or palm is scanned by means of infrared rays.Today, mainly used in the healthcare sector where it is seen as a less intrusive alternative to fingerprints.

4)Ear Scanning: 

Like fingerprints, your ears are also unique in this world. None has the shape and size of ears as yours. So, at some places ear unlock is used. It will be much interesting if instead of scanning your face, you scan ears with the smartphone.

5) Heart Rhythm Scan: 

Your heartbeat pattern is also unique like your vein pattern. So, there are some devices that are worn on the wrist that will identify the pattern and recognize whether the person is valid or not.

6) Voice Recognition:

You may have seen in various Bollywood or Hollywood movies that you simply speak and your voice is recognized.

7) Gait Analysis:
You may have also seen this, especially in Mission Impossible movie where an individual's body movement is identified as every individual has a unique body movement i.e., they have their own way of walking and to fool this is impossible that's why Mission Impossible.

8) Keystroke Analysis:
A variation on behavioural biometrics with the important benefit that it’s based on something everyone uses - the keyboard. Typing rhythm is unique and incredibly hard to spoof when used in combination with other forms of ID such as passwords. Driven by software, keyboard dynamics (as it is called) requires no hardware beyond the keyboard itself.


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