5 Xiaomi Products You Need To Know

You may be aware of Xiaomi's smartphones, power banks, accessories, air purifiers and even smart shoes, but there are a lot of other products which you may be interested in buying. Here are the 5 Xiaomi's products-

iHealth Thermometer

Here comes out Mi Home iHealth Thermometer, featured with 1-second quick detection, non-contact infrared thermometer, advanced German Heimann Sensor, and clear LED digital display.This
will give you a more convenient, hygienic and accurate body temperature measurement. After one second measuring, there will be a noiseless vibration reminding to be done, more considerate to not disturb your sleeping baby. 

Mi TDS Pen

Test your water at home with the Mi TDS Pen Water Quality Tester. Externally, the device is similar to an electronic thermometer. But except for the temperature, it is able to measure the water content of heavy metals, organic materials, and water salinity estimate its overall purity.

Xiaomi Mask

Recent years, haze particles become one of the biggest threat to people's health. A good face mask will protect you from the air pollution and guard your health. Xiaomi announced a new product, anti-haze face mask. The mask is suitable for everyday protection. It has PM0.3 level protection, adaptability seals with a flexible three-dimensional structure which is comfortable to wear.

iHealth Glucometer

The Powerful iHealth Smart Blood Glucose Meter is small, portable, fast and accurate. Just a drop of your blood and instantly result will be on your hand. Plug it into the headphone jack of your smartphone, and wait for 5 seconds.

Xiaomi Umbrella

Xiaomi brings you an automatic folding and opening umbrella. It is water repellant as well as ultra-lightweight, strong and durable. UVtex FABRICS coating makes it excellent sunlight-sheilding and heat insulating.


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